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Does your business card work as hard as you do?


Simply follow these 5 rules to make sure you have business card savvy...


Rule #1 Avoid the template trap


Templates are tempting...They allow a business owner to get a nice, professional looking design without any design experience. So what's the problem? Everyone uses them! Are you like everyone else? Is your business just another cookie-cutter company devoid of any originality and uniqueness? That might be what your branding is saying to your clients if you don't have a unique, professional quality, well-crafted logo and marketing collateral.


Why is it a trap? If you pick a template design from a major on-line printer, you won't have access to that artwork to produce other marketing materials (brochures, banners, car magnets) unless you purchase it from them. Maybe you got a great deal on those business cards, but are you sure their other prices are competitive? Want to shop local? Want something they don't offer? Need it faster than they can provide? Too bad, you are trapped!


Rule #2 Include the essentials



Rule #3 Consider the goals


  1. It is kept by the recipient - they need a reason not to recycle it.
  2. Helps the recipient remember you - your card is your 24/7 sales person, make it memorable.
  3. Encourages contact - don't make it too hard to read (small type, bad font choice, too lengthy email or web address).
  4. Gets passed on to others - this is the big one! Is your card so unique that others are compelled to give it to someone else?


Rule #4 Make your card stand out



Rule #5 Remember your business card etiquette



Final Tips:


We are always happy to help to make sure you are getting the most out of your business card!




“Autumn Colors” Watercolor by NM Artist Roberta Parry


An Artist’s Haven in Santa Fe


Santa Fe residents are blessed to live in a community rich with cultural diversity, natural beauty, and a world-class art scene. Much like the downtown Railyard District, the area around Siler Road is quickly becoming known for its concentration of arts related activities. Meow Wolf, multiple theater companies, art studios, and craft breweries call this area home. Located in the geographic center of Santa Fe, the Richards Avenue Office Park is also home to Graphic Sky Printing, a boutique printing company preferred by many local businesses and artists for their quick turnaround, high quality, very competitive pricing and expert service...See full article